Daughter-in-laws attract more Migrant brides in Gujarat

Feb12, 2012 ,AHMEDABAD: Migrant daughters-in-law are ensuring that they bring more women to Saurashtra, where certain communities are facing a severe shortage of girls because of a skewed sex ratio. In Ajab village, 50 km off Junagadh, for instance, Kirit Adhera got married to Chaya, a Marathi girl from Nagpur. He was not able to find a bride in his Koli Patel samaj and agreed to the alliance brought by an agent. The daughter-in-law prompted more marriages from the region and now the village boasts of seven Marathi daughter-in-laws.

The skewed sex ratio has led to a big number of boys not able to find brides. Such is the situation that apart from Gujarati tribal girls who were brought in for marriages by agents, there are also number of Malayali, Marathi and Oriya bahus being brought into the region and accepted in families,” says Kaushik Pande of Subhash Mahila College in Junagadh.

“There are five boys who got wives from Odisha, UP and Maharashtra,” says Bharat Patel, an elder from Alidra.

In village Madhavpur in Porbandar, there are five boys who married girls from Kerala, Odisha and UP when attempts to find a bride in their community failed. There are over 100 ageing bachelors in the village looking for brides in vain.

“Scarcity of girls in the community has made us to accept brides from out-state. Boys get desperate after series of rejection. Three boys have got married to girls from Kerala”, says Rambhai Kargatiya, son of village sarpanch Maliben.


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