Active Tracker shows no significant improvement in sex-ratio at birth

Feb 2012 , Indian Express

Ten months after installing ‘Active Tracker’ devices at sonography centres across Kolhapur, the state research team, appointed to look into the efficacy of the device, said there has been no significant change in sex-ratio at birth in the area.

“We have compiled data since March 2011, when Active Trackers were installed in around 270 sonography centres in Kolhapur city as well as places under Kolhapur district.

Our report, submitted to the State Government last month, shows no difference in the sex-ratio at birth compared to the last two years,” Dr Prakash Doke, who headed the state-appointed research team, said.

Active Tracker, a modified version of Silent Observer, was installed at sonography centres in Kolhapur following an HC judgment in August, which made installation of the device mandatory at all sonography centres to curb female foeticide.

While Doke’s team has not made any recommendations regarding the device, a senior BMC official said the test period to check the device was too short to dismiss the device.

“A year is too little to expect a change. A scientific study like this should be monitored over a few years to come to a concrete conclusion,” the official said, adding that the mass installation of the device will be on hold for some time.

The Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA) has said the state needs to come up with a better plan to curb sex selection

FASS  has maintained the position that technology cannot root out social problems and  after wasting so much money on the software, government better use it for implementation of PCPNDT ACT  


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