Teen on a mission to end sex selection

Hina Rohtaki, TNN | Apr 2, 2012

PANCHKULA: At an age when children are glued to computer and TV, this 14-year-old has become a role model for the entire country leading the mission against  sex selection . Crusading against the social evil since she was 10, Ishita Uppal, thebrand ambassador of Haryana for the cause, has been selected for the Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards 2012 at Washington DC. Uppal is a student of Little Flower Convent School in Sector 14, Panchkula.

“The voice of my conscience inspired me to campaign against the evil of female feticide. When I was 10 years old I read about girls being eliminated because of sex selection  and the issue was heart-rending. I posed several questions to my mother to find an answer to this social malady and after learning decided to do something about the issue,” said Ishita. She added, “From then onwards I have been delivering lectures and creating awareness through art and culture and have never looked back.”

Travelled over 7,000km across four states delivering lectures and organizing plantation drives, Uppal has also been declared the ambassador for Haryana to lead the mission against  sex selection .

“I have been strongly campaigning against this burning issue and hope to make a positive change,” added Uppal.

For mother Meena Kumari, she feels great to be blessed with a daughter like Ishita. “When she was born I did not realize I had been blessed with a gem. She was very young when she started reading and inquiring about the issue and today she has made us proud by leading the campaign in Haryana,” said Kumari.

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