Wanting son, father poisons two-day-old baby girl

10th April, Zee news
Bhopal: In another instance of desperation for a son, a father has been arrested in Madhya Pradesh‘s Gwalior town for killing his two-day-old daughter by feeding her nicotine, police said Tuesday.

Narendra Rana, 40, was arrested Monday from his residence at Murar in Gwalior, about 400 km from here, six months after he killed his daughter, an official said.

Rana’s wife Anita had delivered a girl child Oct 17 last year at a private hospital. The infant was found dead two days later.

The post-mortem report, handed to police only last month, revealed that the baby had died due to the consumption of nicotine.

According to Suryakant Awasthi, in-charge of Murar police station, Anita had said Rana was depressed with the birth of a baby girl. He had entered the ward the day their daughter was found dead. Rana confessed to his crime during interrogation.

The incident comes to light just a day after police highlighted the case of a three-month-old baby girl who was battered and even bitten by her father in Bangalore because he wanted a son.



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