Case booked against hospital for disclosing sex of foetus


 Hyderabad. May 11,2012, The Hindu

Authorities on Thursday booked a case against a hospital in Kukatpally under provisions of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act for allegedly disclosing the sex of an unborn child.

In a decoy operation carried out by the Ranga Reddy DMHO officials, Kavya Nursing Home was found to be revealing the sex of the foetus, contrary to the provisions of the Act. Officials said a pregnant woman was sent to the hospital on the pretext of seeking Ultrasound Scanning test, as part of the decoy operation. After the scanning was performed, the woman forced the hospital staff to reveal the sex of the foetus.

Though resisting initially, the staff allegedly gave in and told to her that it was a male child. The information was promptly conveyed by the woman to the DMHO team in waiting.

The officials recorded the woman’s statement and raided the nursing home and seized the ultrasound scanning equipment. A case was booked against the Laparoscopic Surgeon and Obstetrician M. Vidya, who was responsible for the hospital’s operations.


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