Abortion Drug very High in Beed

Abortion drug sale very high in Beed

, TNN | Jun 6, 2012, 05.53AM IST


PUNE: The sale of abortion drug Vecredil is widespread in Beed city and Parli Vaijanath, the latest report of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has found. Just three distributors sold as many as 6,416 vial packs of the drug in these two places over the last three years.

This is alarming, say FDA officials and doctors, as the drug is sparingly prescribed, that too only in second trimester abortion of foetuses with “lethal anomalies”, which generally happens in one in 300 cases. Lethal anomaly means that the foetus has a physical abnormality incompatible with survival or normal life.

The second trimester in a pregnancy is 12 to 20 weeks of gestation, when, experts say, the foetus is grown enough for its sex to be determined in a sonography test.

If a pregnancy is aborted medically before 12 weeks of gestation, a minor surgical procedure is conducted and drugs like Vecredil are not required.

Two more held for dumping foetus

The Beed police on Monday arrested the father and the boyfriend, who is a distant relative, of an unmarried woman in connection with the dumping of one of the female foetuses under a bridge last Saturday. The number of people arrested in the case has now risen to seven


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