Hospital of horrors has beds in every corner

Sumitra Deb Roy | TNN

Mumbai: The look of the four-storeyed Munde hospital at Parli taluka in Beed may give away little about the horrors that were unfolding inside. Virtually called a den for ‘killing’ baby girls by locals, officials said the fact that the 114-bed ‘maternity’ hospital had only two cribs spoke a million words.
A recent report by civil surgeon Dr Gauri Rathod to the public health department stated how the hospital had sections, sub-sections and beds squeezed in every corner. Beed collector Sadanand Koche told TOI that as per official records, the hospital had 14 beds. But, there were beds in the corridor, under staircases and even in the tiny space between his residence and the hospital building. Police inspector Ramrao Gadekar said rooms in his residential building had cots where patients used to stay.
The report spoke about how hospital owner Dr Sudam Munde developed ways of shielding his work. In violation of the code of conduct, he had a huge stock of printed prescriptions with names of same medicines on hundreds of them. “He used codes that only he and the pharmacist would understand. Most prescriptions had names of routine drugs used for cold or fever printed on them,” said Dr Rathod.
The report highlighted how biomedical waste at the hospital used to be dumped in buckets and not plastic bags of different colours.
Parli’s locals said Munde’s hospital was known for illegal abortions. “People used to come from even neighbouring Gujarat and Karnataka,” said Rathod. Officials did not find a sonography machine at the hospital, but detected a portable machine, which he tried to hide when the police searched the place.
In 2010, he was caught in a sting operation talking  about how he performed illegal abortions. Last year, the foetus of a girl child was found in a plot owned by Munde. Soon after, 14 sonography centres were sealed. Varsha Deshpande of Lek Ladki Abhiyan said every time Munde was in the spotlight, he increased his fees for the abortions. Munde, who used to charge Rs 500, increased it to Rs 5,000. After last year’s episode, he increased it to Rs 30,000.
The Parli court issued orders for Munde to surrender before July 3 or his property will be sealed. The Beed police sent letters to over 70 doctors, radiologists and gynecologists that they would be held responsible for sex determination on their premises.


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