Surrogacy Capital Ahemdabad claims-Test-tube babies beat child sex ratio

Bharat Yagnik & Radha Sharma, TNN Jun 13, 2012,

AHMEDABAD: Girls are beating the boys, at least in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) centres of the city. Gujarat may have ranked low on the sex ratio scale in the 2011 census, but the trend is quite the reve rse for test-tube babies. The 12 IVF centres in the city have shown a heartening trend – a total of 291 girls were born against 241 boys in the last one year.

District health officer of Ahmedabad, Dr Neelam Patel, who collated this data, said, “The data shows that the birth ratio is 54:46 in favour of girls. We had conducted this survey to ascertain the sex ratio in these clinics. The trend we got from IVF clinics is a pleasant surprise and quite encouraging.”

Dr Falguni Bavishi, who runs an IVF centre in Paldi, said: “Our clinic delivered 55.6% girls and 44.4% are boys. There is no method to choose between a boy or a girl, it depends on pure chance.” Dr Manish Banker, who runs an IVF clinic at Navrangpura, said: “From January this year, we have carried out 56 IVF deliveries, which include several cases of twins. Of these, 46 are girls and 31 boys.”

 The trend seems to be same elsewhere in Gujarat. Dr Naina Patel, who runs an IVF clinic and surrogacy centre in Anand, often dubbed as the surrogacy capital of India, said: “In 2011, we got 120 girls and as many boys. Close to 40% of these were IVF deliveries.

We do get patients from north India who make specific request for boys but we have no role to play in this matter. Couples from other regions do not have any reservations.”


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