Newborn girl found abandoned on garbage heap

Pramod Panwar, TNN Dec 1, 2012, 11.13PM IST
PALANPUR: A new born girl was found abandoned on a heap of garbage in Rampura locality of Khimat village in Banaskantha district on Saturday. Police officials said the girl had been born just a few hours before being discovered. She is being treated at the civil hospital in Palanpur.

The abandonment of the child has drawn criticism from activists working against sex selection in north Gujarat. Rashmi Hada of Mahila Kala Nidhi Trust of Kanodar said, “There seems to be no end to the practice in north Gujarat, which is infamous for its skewed sex ratio.”

Meanwhile, a gynaecologist was arrested in Mehsana on Tuesday for carrying out sex determination tests. Mehsana collector Rajkumar said Dr Bhagubhai Chaudhary was caught conducting the tests in a sting operation carried out by officials of the collectorate and health department. He had earlier been served several notices for stopping the practice. A sonography machine and Rs 1.6 lakh in cash were seized from his clinic.



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