Haryana diagnostic centre raided: 3 arrested for sex-determination tests

Meerut: A city-based diagnostic centre, which allegedly carried out sex-determination tests and involved in sex selection , was sealed on Wednesday in a raid and three persons were arrested, police said.


The diagnostic centres, situated on Bagpat road, was allegedly carrying out sex determination tests on women from neighbouring Haryana and also carrying out illegal abortion of female foetuses, ASP Shankalp Sharma said.

The raid was conducted jointly by a team of Haryana health department officials, including the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Panipat and Uttar Pradesh police, he said, adding that three persons, including the owner of the centre Sanjay Agarwal and his two agents, Pushpendra and Bittoo, were also arrested.

The action came following a complaint by a woman to the District Magistrate of Panipat that she was taken to Meerut to carry out sex-determination test and abortion after it was found that she was having a female foetus, the official said.

The DM formed a team headed by chief medical officer (CMO) of Panipat, Indrajeet Singh. Preliminary probes brought to light that an agent Bitto Singh used to procure clients for the clinic.

Soon after, the CMO along with two women constables reached Meerut and visited the clinic with help from a team from Transport Nagar police station.

“The women constables posed as decoys and got Dr Sanjay Agarwal, the owner of the diagnostic centre, to agree to conduct a sex determination test in lieu of an unknown sum. Dr Agarwal was arrested the moment he began the procedure,” said ASP Sankalp Singh.

Dr Agarwal’s assistant Pushpender Singh was also arrested and the clinic was sealed. A case has been registered in Transport Nagar police station and both the accused have been sent to jail. Police are trying to ascertain the number of illegal abortions conducted at the clinic from previous records.

The PCPNDT Act bans prenatal sex determination with a view to stop cases of female foeticide. Under the Act, a convict can get a maximum life sentence of xxx years.


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