Abortion pills went from Delhi to Sangli via Mumbai
Miraj police at the crime spot. Dr Babasaheb Khidrapure, the prime accused in the female foeticide racket ( FILE PHOTOS)

Arrest of medical representative from Mumbai reveals an inter-state abortion pills racket

The tentacles of the Sangli abortion racket have spread all the way to the national capital. Police investigating the illegal abortion racket in Mhaisal village in Sangli have discovered an inter-state abortion pills racket.

Investigations have revealed the presence of a widespread distribution of abortion pills with its roots in Delhi. From there, the drugs come to Mumbai, from where it goes to Sangli and other parts of Maharashtra.

Last week, Sangli police arrested a medical representative from Mumbai, Datta Bhosale, who was procuring and peddling the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) drugs from a Delhi agent. He was then selling the pills to one Sunil Kashinath Khedekar who would in turn sell them to Ratna Distributers, who would supply the medicines to Dr Babasaheb Khidrapure who is already behind bars. Khidrapure, 42, is suspected to be a key figure in an interstate ring that conducted illegal sex determination tests and abortions for families desperate to have a male child. On February 28, a 26-year-old woman died while undergoing a medical termination of pregnancy at his nursing home. She was allegedly forced to undergo the abortion by her husband as the sex determination test purportedly revealed that she was carrying a girl.

“Khedekar was the one who was supplying MTP pills to Dr Khidrapure. While interrogation, Khedekar revealed that he used to get the pills from Bhosale, who was operating from Mumbai,” said an investigating officer.

When cops interrogated Bhosale, he revealed that he was getting the drugs from Delhi, added the in-vestigating officer. A team of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) officers and Sangli police have now begun a search operation to nab the Delhi agent.

Speaking on the illegal sale of abortion pills, Dr Harshadeep Kamble, FDA commissioner for Maharashtra, told Mirror, “We have discovered that there is a big racket involving the illegal sale of abortion pill kits nationwide. In Maharashtra, our inspectors are continuously conducting surprise raids. That’s why the distributers in Maharashtra are not illegally distributing the MTP drugs.”

█ Our officials conduct surprise raids. That’s why the distributers are not illegally distributing the MTP drugs

— Dr Harshadeep Kamble, FDA commissioner


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