The Forum Against Sex Selection (FASS) is a network, based in Mumbai ,  to renew the campaign against sex sel

ective abortions which is responsible for the country’s appallingly skewed sex ratio and in particular, Maharashtra state.     FASS is a network with over 50 member including Ngos, and individual activits, lawyers and teachers . The  Core group members include Akshara, Committed Community Development Trust (CCDT),  Population First, Savitribai Phule Gender Resource Centre, Stree Mukti Sanghatana, Women Networking and  Adv Kamayani Bali Mahabal besides about  20 NGOs and CBOs working on women’s issues,  educational institutions such as SNDT University and Mumbai University and their affiliated colleges, and several other NGOs and individuals.

FASS has a core group and several sub groups for effective functioning. The Forum has initiated discussions and conducted joint actions with educational institutions for joint actions, e.g. SNDT Women’s University and the Mumbai University; both universities have declared 2011 the Year of the Girl Child. FASS is also in dialogue with the Maharashtra state government and the state health minister to ensure the implementation of the Pre Conceptual and Pre Natal Diagnostic Testing (PCPNDT) Act and to provide inputs for gender-sensitive messages in government IEC materials for public awareness.

FASS has conducted interactive workshops to discuss its perspective and plan strategies to take the FASS campaign forward and to understand challenges to implementing the PCPNDT Act.

Apart from improving the sex ratio, the main thrust of the FASS campaign is to strengthen the overall position of women in our State and to enable women to live with dignity, in a non-discriminatory environment.

CONTACT US AT- fassindia2011@gmail.com



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  1. drrajnicontractor md gynaec
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 03:35:03



    Respected madam

    I Dr Rajni contractor M.D (Gynaec) practinsing as a private Gynecologist since 20 yr, proud to be father of having only single girl child age 17 yr.


     Census 2011 shows decline number of girl in population in matter of great & serious concern to us.
     Latest UN report says 50 million girls are missing from Indian population. As a result of gender discrimination.
    Recently few days back “Thomas Roiter foundations trust law for women, in their survey “most dangerous countries for women in world are

    1 – Afghanistan, 2 – Congo, 3 – Pakistan, 4 – India, 5 – Somalia

    Where the female are not safe before & after birth

     According to British Magazine Lancet approximate 1 crore female feticide done between 1980-2010 in India.

     According to the study done by UNICEF 7000 female child are being killed everyday in India.

     In Rajasthan about 6 to 6.5 lakh feticide have been done in the past five years.

     In Devda village of Jeslamer district of Rajasthan at present there are only 12 girls in the 25,000 population which shows how significantly lower the female sex ration is in that village.
     In Varacha area Surat district of Gujarat the sex ratio is 780 females per 1000 males.

     In Delhi 5000 females are reported to be lost in the last 6 months.

     In Punjab 275 girl are killed daily before they born
     Following states where female sex ratio at birth & 0-6years are below than expectations
    Female feticide inhuman barbaric & illegal crime committed by highly educated and respected person of civil society whom some one consider as role model- doctors gynecologist and radiologist in so many states/ UTS .
    Way in which female feticide are done by our colleuge doctor is really painful & disappointed & deeply hurt all of us lot.

    Being gynecologist I know modus operandy of sono/gynecologist it’s very difficult to catch but I have a master action plan (MAP).
    So many medicines openley sell in the market with out doctor’s prescription use for female feticide is a clear cut violation of MTP ACT 2002 and MTP RULE 2003.

    Suggestion regarding


    (1) Special “PNDT CELL” should be established.

    (2) “CENTRAL TASK FORCE “should be formed under chief secretary of health family welfare dept.

    (3) “ STATE TASK FORCE “ formed under chairmanship of state appropriate authority to monitor and checking of nursing homes & imaging sonography diagnostic centers were sex determination is being done & MTP center.

    (4) “DISTRICT TASK FORCE “under chairmanship of collector include SDM / SP/ CDHO/ BHO as a member.

    (5) Team of intelligence Network and informer (private gynecologist) / NGOs/ ash worker should be established give secret and confiditionatal information to state appropriate authority confidentinally.

    (6) NIMC – national inspecting monitoring committee

    SIMC—state inspecting mentoring committee
    Should be formed including very intelligent officers.

    (7) NIMC –should surprise and secret visit to different States/UTs to see state activity regarding prevention of female feticide.

    (8) SIMC should visit city and village to see appropriate authority doing their duties regarding
    PC & PNDT act properly or not.

    (9) NIMC — SIMC should do more string opperation of doctors who are doing such inhuman crime in sting operation including doctor as a team member because doctor knowing smart ness, cleverness, & weakness of doctor very well.

    madam I and my wife Krishna and my only daughter Rajvi work very hard and go to many cities and villages and make public awareness about Beti Bachhoo and save girl child theme in navaratari mela & religious festival since five year .

    NRHM PROGRAM I am working very hard regarding HIV-AIDS / TB program / Thalassaemia / sicklecell anemia / Jannisuraksha independently I do not belong to any orgnation and NGOs.

    I help in adoption of 12-18 new born girl child to infertile couple including 1 is my sister.

    I have prepared Hardcopy of 40 pages How to Implement PC&PNDTact by appropriate authority include various section of PC&PNDTact violated or not
    FORM.-F is filling by doctors properly or not
    How-to do proper &correct PANCHNAMA at time of sealing of sonography Machine.

    madam I have enough technical legal knowledge.

    PNDT section -23 /1 fine of 10000 and 50000 ,3yr impriosment & 5 yr impriosment for first and subsequent offence my suggestion is 3lak and 5 yr impriosment / 5lak & 10 yr imprisoment if possible implement.

    PNDT section 23/2 state medical council shall suspend registration of RMP till the case is dispose onces the charge frame by court.

    About PC&PNDTACT MTPACT I have taken so many lectures to Govt authority& doctors sir sonography was DISSERTATION in my MD exam I know sonography better I make up my mind that not bring sonographi machine.

    I am glad to inform you that I have managed to convince & change the mind set of about 37 Doctors of different cities of Gujarat. I have full proof evidence & accurate details, Name, address and telephone nos. of the patients to whom they might have violate PC & PNDT Act.

    I am happy to inform you that I have received Positive and Satisfied Response from many Doctors and we have even recorded in many nursing home of Gujarat the Case where in a Woman have delivered 3rd Female after delivered 2 female babies earlier.

    In my 20 years of private practice from day ONE to till Today have not brought USG machine
    No one doctorscolleuge- govt authority points a finger towards me regarding female feticide or other illegal activity so my integrity is never question by any one.

    I & my Dr. Friend make a DVD of 25-minits in which “MISSING GIRL” tell her story to doctor & public don’t throw me in a dustbin. I have a full right to live as you are. It’s a really good opportunity to watch & it effect deeply & change the heart & mentality of the so many people & doctors have tears in there eyes & take an oath that they will never involve in such in human crime.

    Female feticide Is a violation of both PC/PNDT /MTP ACT are the two side of same coin.

    A medical expert in India says an estimated 80,000 women die from legal abortions there on an annual basis. The figures provide further evidence that abortion does not became safer if legalized, as unlicensed and unregulated abortion practitioners pose as much of a threat to women’s health as illegal abortions.

    60-80% MTP done in unregistered MTP center by unqualified doctor.

    10-20% maternal mortality are due to MTP complication.

    My MAP will definitely help govt. authority to curb the female feticide & catch the culprit & able to make strong case against culprit in court.

    Approximate 42200 USG machine registered under PC & PNDT act, in India 900 machine were sealed. Only 55 have a conviction so conviction rate is only 5%. It worries all of us.

    Respected madam I have a hard copy of master action plan (MAP) which is highly effective justifiable and viable within the full legal respects of PC& PNDT ACT, MTP ACT to stop female feticide easily without harassing doctor community. In addition, it will save thousands and lakhs of girls who are being killed in the mother’s womb without mercy.

    Madm if we all are not serious about female feticide this time in future it will give rise to dangerous adverse effect on HUMAN DEVLOPMENT INDEX, MMR, IMR,FEMALE CHILD SEX RATIO. And social crime likes RAP, DOWRY DEATH, HONOR KILLING, etc…

    Violation of the PC & PNDT ACT is a clear cut violation of ARTICLE-14, ARTICLE-21of constitution.

    With all my positive spirit, faith & up to best of my knowledge in the field, I am forwarding this information to your capable hands to take this matter further.

    Madam it is my humble request & will be my pleasure if I will be invited to meet & share my views & document to appropriate concern person through your channel.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Yours faithfully,

    Dr. Rajni H. contractor MD (Gynaec)
    PC & PNDT ACT.
    AHMEDABAD -380013
    TEL – (079) 27620806
    Email – rajnicontractor@gmail.com


  2. Silvia Antonietti
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 12:37:07

    Dear doctor,
    I am just doing some research on female feticide in India, but I must admit that your contribution struck me as being particularly precious. We people from the Western countries don’t find it difficulti to denounce such trends as this one, but you, living and working in that reality, you are admirable for standing up for baby-girls’ sacred right to live. Thank you for being so brave, a wonderful doctor and surely a precious father.
    S. Antonietti (mother of 4, with a majority of girls)


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