Open letter to Shahrukh and Gauri Khan #surrogacy #sexselection

Dated- June 18.2013

Dear Shahrukh and Gauri Khan

Media reports allege that you are having a third child through surrogacy and that you are aware it’s a baby boy. We cannot comment on the authenticity of the news reports.  But in response to these reports, the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association has demanded the Maharashtra State Health Department initiate an inquiry . The BMC officials had visited your house but were not given any information.

FASS is a network with over 50 member including Ngos, and individual activits, lawyers and teachers . Apart from improving the sex ratio, the main thrust of the FASS campaign is to strengthen the overall position of women in our State and to enable women to live with dignity, in a non-discriminatory environment.

We want to inform you that the PCPNDT Act prohibits the use of all technologies for the purpose of sex selection, which would also include the new chromosome separation techniques. There is a blanket ban under sections 3, 4 and 5 of the PCPNDT Act.

Although you have neither denied nor accepted this statement, we would like to remind you that early this year you issued a statement which said:

Being a public figure makes me open to any kind of questioning, adjectives good and bad and or sometimes makes me an object of controversy  as people  use my name and statements to attach any positive or negative sentiment to it. I accept all the above because this is the life I chose and will stand by it. full statement here

We as FASS members demand the truth and want you come out with a public statement regarding the issue. If it is denial, then there  is no issue, but if its true, then  you have completely violated the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act and like any other citizen of India you will be charged under the PCPNDT Act for violation of law and it will take it own legal recourse.

Kamayani Bali Mahabal and Jyoti Mhapsekar

On behalf of Forum Against Sex Selection (FASS)­­­

Fass Secretariat

c/o Stree Mukti Sanghatana

31, Shramik , Royal Crest, 1st Floor,
Lokamanya Tilak Vasahat Road No. 3,
Dadar (East), Mumbai – 400 014,
Maharashtra, India.
Tele-Fax: +91 22 24174381




BMC seals 4 USG machines in 2 days

Pratibha Masand | TNN

Mumbai: Following a check on medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) and sonography centres, BMC’s survey teams have sealed four ultrasound machines over the past two days.

They sealed the machines after they found two centres on Wednesday and two on Thursday flouting the
rules under the PCPNDT Act. “On Thursday, we sealed a USG machine in Kurla and another in Malad. In Kurla, the doctor was not
registered, while in  Malad, the machine  was not registered,” said
BMC’s executive health officer Dr Anil Bandiwadekar. “On Wednesday too, we sealed a machine in Dadar as no proper record was maintained. The same day, we found another USG machine in Andheri (E) that was not registered,” said Dr Asha Advani of BMC’s PCPNDT cell.
The civic crackdown started on Wednesday, when the BMC formed 24 teams; each team, comprising an assistant medical officer, a post-partum specialist, a gynaecologist or paediatrician and an NGO member, has been assigned to each ward. Bandiwadekar said the teams had been told they should not harass the centre officials unnecessarily. “They are supposed to check that the doctor concerned, the
machine and the centre      are registered and all the related papers are in place,” he said. “If the centres have minor faults, we will send them notices, asking them to plug the holes. We are      sealing only those machines where the centers are flouting major rules.”
The teams visited around 70 centres across the city on the first day of the campaign; there are 400 MTP and 1,339 sonography centres in Mumbai. Bandiwadekar said once all the data are collected from the centres in Mumbai district, they would be compiled and submitted to the state government.

‘Act against illegal units’

Sandeep Ashar | TNN

Mumbai: Even as the state public health department sought legal opinion on the feasibility of banning all standalone sonography units in the state, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan said on Thursday he did not favour a blanket ban.
Chavan said his government had no plan to “trouble” legal sonography centres. “Action will be taken only ag-ainst those where sex determinations and illegal abortions are conducted,” he said. The CM hinted that a strategy to tackle the menace could emerge following a meeting of public health department officials with representatives of the Indian Medical Association, Maharashtra Medical Council and representatives of various medical streams on Friday. The CM plans to discuss the matter with health ministry.
Chavan said the “Silent Observer” model was being considered. Under the model, USG devices of a district will be linked to main servers and radiologists will have to file details of tests. Chavan said, “A balance has to be struck bet-ween a patient’s privacy and the right to curb misuse.”

32 doctors in Maharashtra convicted for violating PCPNDT ACt

May 1, 2012, 02.17AM IST TNN

MUMBAI: Thirty-two doctors have been found guilty of violating the anti-sex determination law across the state till March 12. In all, 314 cases have been lodged in various criminal courts for violation of the Pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 2003, or PCPNDT Act.

Two doctors in Mumbai were convicted by the Dadar metropolitan magistrate for advertizing sex-selection facilities. The doctors were fined Rs 30,000 and sentenced to three years’ rigorous imprisonment.

In 34 cases, decoys were used to expose those who carried out sex-determination tests and 14 doctors were subsequently convicted. The doctors have appealed against the orders of the lower courts. Nearly 215 cases have been filed for non-maintenance of records.

In 14 cases in Pune, doctors were fined by the Junior Magistrate First Class for non-registration of sonography machines.

The 2011 census shows that the general child sex ratio has improved from 922 to 925 females for every 1,000 males. In the 0-6 age group, this has deteriorated from 913 to 883. According to the health department, sex ratio of 952 is the expected average. “Considering this sex ratio and comparing it with the child sex ratio of 2011 census, nearly 4,68,680 female foeticides have occurred,” said an official.

Though the maximum decline is in Beed, the situation in six other districts-Buldhana, Washim, Hingoli, Parbhani, Jalna and Jalgaon-is also worrisome. The tribal district of Gadchiroli has witnessed the minimum decline.

Dr Jayesh Lele, secretary of the India Medical Association (Maharashtra) said, “Only two of the 32 doctors convicted belong to the IMA. We have been advising doctors to fill forms and maintain records properly. Sometimes doctors are not aware that forms have not been filled properly. They must be given an opportunity to improve. Such harsh measures will not help the government to catch the real culprits.”

Dr Kishore Taori said, “Many cases are old and a majority of doctors has been convicted for clerical errors such as improper filling of forms. Doctors are now taking paperwork more seriously. The real culprits are those who do not register their machines and carry out sex-determination tests.”

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