#India – No girl child in 72 hamlets of Madhya Pradesh #Vaw #Sexselection

, TNN | Jun 28, 2013,

BHOPAL: Shivani, 7, a class II student of government primary school in Tinchha village ofIndore, has only one girl in her class, Muskan, to play with-courtesy child sex ratio of just 571 (females) compared to 1,000 (male).

But it is not an isolated village without girls. Going by Census 2011 figures, only 5 or less girls were born in past six years in 1,675 villages in the state!

There are 72 hamlets in the state where there is no girl, but only boys below the age of six years.

Krishna Verma, aanganwadi worker at Tinncha village in Indore, said, “Both Shivani and Muskan have been promoted to class II this year. In class I of village school, there are just three girl students.”

“In all, 28 boys and 16 girls below 6 years of age are registered at the centre,” Verma said.

It was because only 16 girls were borne against 28 boys in the past six years, she added.

Tinncha is a small village in Indore district of the state with a population of 422.

There are at least half a dozen villages in almost all districts of the state as per census 2011 figures.

In Kagnikheda village under Khilchipur tehsil of Rajgarh district-Sapna, 6, and Manisha, 6, are the only girl classmates in standard I of the government primary school.

“The names of Sapna and Manisha were removed from the register of aanganwadi center as they were enrolled in class I of government primary school this year. They are the only girls in 0 to 6 years of age group in our village,” Sajjan Bai, aanganwadi worker at Kagnikheda told TOI.

Kagnikheda with a population of 425 has a child sex ratio (0 to 6 yrs) of just 433 as per Census 2011. There are only 13 girls compared to 30 boys in the same age group.

Same is the story at Sarekha Khurd village, (population 631) in Seoni district, which has a child sex ratio of just 515, Gunjhar village (total population 492) of Gwalior district having child sex ratio of 410, Atrar village

(population 530) of Tikamgarh district which has a child sex ratio of just 456, Pali Sujam village (population 327) having child sex ratio of just 352 and other such villages of the state.



Maharashtra – 17 including 5 doctors, to be tried for murder in Beed #PCPNDT


Syed Rizwanullah, TNN Jun 20, 2013, 

AURANGABAD: Around 16 people, including five doctors, involved in cases of  sex selection  in Maharashtra’s Beed district in 2012 will now be tried for murder instead of culpable homicide.

The accused include five medical practitioners, hospital staffers, the women who gave birth to the female fetuses and their male relatives.



The Beed court framed the charges in the case on Tuesday. In all, 17 people had been booked.

On June 2, 2012, two female foetuses were found abandoned on the Bindusara river bank on the outskirts of Beed city. Another foetus was recovered from a village in Beed district, where the relatives had allegedly buried it. All the foetues had been aborted at Beed’s Sanap Hospital.

Shivaji Sanap, the medical practitioner who was arrested on June 2, 2012, for illegally aborting the fetues, is still in judicial custody. The others have been granted bail, the government pleader said. The hospital premises is owned by Sanap’s father-in-law Shrihari Lahane, a senior medical practitioner, who is among the 16 people charged.

The medical practitioners involved in the case expressed shock over the court’s move. “It has shocked us but we cannot make any comment on the court’s move as it is a part of the judicial process,” they said.

“We will consult legal experts and our lawyers to explore the possibility of challenging the order. We are waiting for a full text of the court’s move,” the added.



Doc given 60 days to explain PCPNDT law ‘violations’

Sumitra Deb Roy | TNN

Shirur (Beed): One more doctor in the town of Beed finds himself under the scanner for allegedly flouting the Pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostics Techniques (PCPNDT) Act.
Gynaecologist Dr Sanjay Vir, who runs the 45-bed Vir Hospital, was reportedly caught violating PCPNDT norms in June 2011, but the tehsildar’s office took almost a year to complete the formalities and put up the case in the local court. The Beed court on Thursday gave Sanjay 60 days to reply to the findings of the tehsildar team.
A team of state officials, while inspecting Vir Hospital last year, had found errors in the way the hospital records were maintained, the way form F was filled and a discrepancy in the number of patients undergoing treatment. The officials, however, said Vir was not found indulging in serious offences like conducting sex determination tests or performing illegal abortions.
Vir, who runs the hospital with his wife Kavita, said he was yet to receive any court order. The doctor pleaded that he did not indulge in any unethical activity. “Last year, following the inspection, they sealed my ultrasonography machine, which had been purchased just six months before. The machine still remains sealed,” he said.
Vir maintained that he adheres to all the norms of the PCPNDT Act. As the news of court order spread on Thursday, the doctor stopped his outpatient services and discharged a few indoor patients. “The atmosphere in Beed is that of fear now. I don’t want my face to be flashed across all channels despite being innocent,” Vir said.
Civil surgeon Dr Gauri Rathod expressed dissatisfaction over the delay caused by the tehsildar’s office in submitting a report to the court. She said that she had sent two reminders to the office to furnish the report. “Such delays weaken our cases,” she said.
Meanwhile, Dr Srihari Lahane, who has been arrested along with Dr Shivaji Sanap for allegedly conducting illegal abortions, suffered a mild heart attack and was taken to Aurangabad civil hospital.


HEALTH CHECK: Dr Sanjay Vir’s hospital was last year found erring in maintaining records


Hospital of horrors has beds in every corner

Sumitra Deb Roy | TNN

Mumbai: The look of the four-storeyed Munde hospital at Parli taluka in Beed may give away little about the horrors that were unfolding inside. Virtually called a den for ‘killing’ baby girls by locals, officials said the fact that the 114-bed ‘maternity’ hospital had only two cribs spoke a million words.
A recent report by civil surgeon Dr Gauri Rathod to the public health department stated how the hospital had sections, sub-sections and beds squeezed in every corner. Beed collector Sadanand Koche told TOI that as per official records, the hospital had 14 beds. But, there were beds in the corridor, under staircases and even in the tiny space between his residence and the hospital building. Police inspector Ramrao Gadekar said rooms in his residential building had cots where patients used to stay.
The report spoke about how hospital owner Dr Sudam Munde developed ways of shielding his work. In violation of the code of conduct, he had a huge stock of printed prescriptions with names of same medicines on hundreds of them. “He used codes that only he and the pharmacist would understand. Most prescriptions had names of routine drugs used for cold or fever printed on them,” said Dr Rathod.
The report highlighted how biomedical waste at the hospital used to be dumped in buckets and not plastic bags of different colours.
Parli’s locals said Munde’s hospital was known for illegal abortions. “People used to come from even neighbouring Gujarat and Karnataka,” said Rathod. Officials did not find a sonography machine at the hospital, but detected a portable machine, which he tried to hide when the police searched the place.
In 2010, he was caught in a sting operation talking  about how he performed illegal abortions. Last year, the foetus of a girl child was found in a plot owned by Munde. Soon after, 14 sonography centres were sealed. Varsha Deshpande of Lek Ladki Abhiyan said every time Munde was in the spotlight, he increased his fees for the abortions. Munde, who used to charge Rs 500, increased it to Rs 5,000. After last year’s episode, he increased it to Rs 30,000.
The Parli court issued orders for Munde to surrender before July 3 or his property will be sealed. The Beed police sent letters to over 70 doctors, radiologists and gynecologists that they would be held responsible for sex determination on their premises.

Case booked against hospital for disclosing sex of foetus


 Hyderabad. May 11,2012, The Hindu

Authorities on Thursday booked a case against a hospital in Kukatpally under provisions of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act for allegedly disclosing the sex of an unborn child.

In a decoy operation carried out by the Ranga Reddy DMHO officials, Kavya Nursing Home was found to be revealing the sex of the foetus, contrary to the provisions of the Act. Officials said a pregnant woman was sent to the hospital on the pretext of seeking Ultrasound Scanning test, as part of the decoy operation. After the scanning was performed, the woman forced the hospital staff to reveal the sex of the foetus.

Though resisting initially, the staff allegedly gave in and told to her that it was a male child. The information was promptly conveyed by the woman to the DMHO team in waiting.

The officials recorded the woman’s statement and raided the nursing home and seized the ultrasound scanning equipment. A case was booked against the Laparoscopic Surgeon and Obstetrician M. Vidya, who was responsible for the hospital’s operations.

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