Punjab- Ultrasound machines sealed in Barnala #PCPNDT #MTP

Ultrasound machine sealed

Neel Kamal, TNN Jun 19, 2013

BARNALA: Detecting a case of sex selection , police have registered a case of medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) against a private hospital and has sealed the ultrasound machine of the hospital. The sex determination test was allegedly conducted with a machine having been already sealed some time back and the test was conducted after altering the seal.

A Barnala-resident pregnant woman had reached a private hospital where she was told that she is bearing a female child. The woman was offered termination of pregnancy if she did not want the female child. Accordingly an abortion was being conducted when the condition of the woman deteriorated and she was referred to another hospital where the illegal act came to light, Barnala SSP Sanehdeep Sharma said.

Barnala civil surgeon Dr Renu informed police, who registered a case. DSP Swaran Singh has been asked to conduct a thorough probe, Sharma said.



Jaipur: ‘Free’ tag brings more girl out for treatment

DNA | Apr 10, 2013,
Jaipur: A rapid assessment study celebrating the free medicine scheme conducted by district collectors and Chief Medical Health Officers renders a chilling reminder of the continuing mindsets towards the girl child in the state. The study shows that there has been a two to three-fold increase in the treatment of girl children (0-6 years of age), in the six months that the scheme came into being (Oct 2012-Mar 2013) compared to the pre-free medicine scenario (Mar 2012-Sept 2012).
Money wise
The district, which has shown the highest rise in the number of girl children availing free medicines is Jhalawar. According to officials, the number of girls coming in as patients has tripled in the district. Before the scheme was introduced, the number of girl children who took the treatment was 4469, which increased to 12,883, doctors said.
In Barmer there has been an increase of 90 to 100 percent. Before the scheme was initiated, 31,640 girls registered for treatment. Their numbers rose to 62,763 after the scheme’s implementation.
In simple terms, now that the medicines are ‘free’, people are finally flocking to hospitals to avail treatment for their girl children, implying they were not being treated whenever it implied a financial cost.
Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation (RMSC) MD Samit Sharma said, “After the scheme has been launched, a two to three fold increase in girl children coming for treatment has been witnessed. Now, people are taking their girl children to hospitals for treatment in large numbers,” he added. Sharma said that it is for the first time in the last 65 years there is access to health services as people can get free medicines. Now free medical tests will definitely help in the increase of girl child ratio in the state, he stated.
Dr Hemant Acharaya of Save the Child organisation said, “With the government initiative of free medicine, free medical tests and schemes like Shubh Laxmi Yojna, people are now willing to bring their girl child for medical attention, which will be a boon to save the female child.” In the state, people are gender biased giving priority only to the male child. People do not spend on girl child education, health and food nutrition, which has reflected in a declining female sex ratio.
The free medicine scheme was started in October 2012 and until now around 10 crore people have benefited from it. Last year alone, 7.63 crore people availed of scheme.



Dr Gauri Rathod, Beed official fights to save girl child

LONE RANGER: Despite regular threatening calls and letters, civil surgeon Dr Gauri Rathod continues her crusade against  sex selection

, TNN | Jun 9, 2012

BEED: The local authorities in Beed have drawn battle lines with the medical community here over the issue of sex selection . And leading the administration’s assault is civil surgeon Dr Gauri Rathod, who, despite threats, political pressure and little support from the community, has vowed to wipe out the scourge from the area.

The 45-year-old doctor took charge in the district, which has the lowest child sex ratio in Maharashtra, about 11 months ago. She was at first reluctant to accept the posting and refrained from joining for about two weeks. But news reports of female feotuses being found at Parli taluka in Beed in 2011 made Rathod change her mind.

She explains that, over the years, Beed has become something akin to a tertiary centre for killing female foetuses. “Everything here was synchronized. The arrangement has clearly evolved over the years,” says the mother of 12-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.

When local lawyers showed reluctance in following her lead, Rathod hired a lawyer from Mumbai at her own expense and got conviction in a PCPNDT violation case last year. She says that she takes every precaution to see that no innocent doctors is harassed. Rathod, who also holds a management degree from the Tata Institute of Social Science, says many government officials are unwilling to work in Beed. “There is an opium mafia, sand mafia and not to mention local goons, who anyone can hire.” For her, threatening calls and letters have become a regular occurrence.

On Wednesday, she filed a complaint with the police over a threat from Dr Srihari Lahane, who has been arrested for allegedly conducting illegal abortions. She recollects an incident that took place a few days after she got uniforms sanctioned for staffers at the civil hospital last year. “I got a letter which said that I may be distributing clothes but I will soon have to think about ‘kafan’ for my children. I broke down, but my staffers stood by me and made me file a police complaint.”

There have been other attempts to derail her crusade.

Malicious doctors, she says, tried disposing of “foetuses in the dustbins of civil hospital”. Besides this, “umpteen RTI pleas have been filed and continue to be filed asking for information about my education, work experience, ultrasonography cases in civil hospital, etc. almost every alternate day. They just keep looking for loopholes”. Rathod recently gave up her financial powers so that allegations of misappropriation cannot be cast against her.

Still, despite her efforts, Rathod feels the government is fighting a losing battle. “Our enemy here is not a handful doctors but the community that refuses to accept the girl child. The irony is that corporators from a political party announced a hunger strike against me for harassing doctors. What is worse is that these are female corporators.”

Two aborted foetuses found in a sewer in Beed

Jun 4, 2012,  TNN[ Sandeep Ashar ]

MUMBAI: Barely a day after two female foetuses were found aborted in a sewer in Beed, state officials on Sunday recovered two more including one from Beed.

The second one was found dumped near a residential pocket in Solapur. The undisposed body of a stillborn girl child was also recovered from a farm near Udagir in Latur district. The disturbing developments have further embarrassed a state already grappling with a poor child sex ratio (925 girls for every 1,000 boys in the 0-6 age group). The government has now deployed teams across the state to trace those indulging in such heinous crimes. It is also mulling over changing norms regarding to availability of over-the-counter abortion pills, and procedures related to sonography tests for pregnant patients.

Of the two fresh cases of female foetuses unearthed, one was detected from a village in Beed, which has a child sex ratio of 801:1,000 and has attained the dubious tag of becoming the “centre of female infanticide” in the state. Barely a week ago, a case where a doctor couple-Sudam and Saraswati Munde-was charged for illegally aborting a girl child and feeding the aborted foetuses to dogs had come to light in the region. The fresh foetus was recovered at the time of investigations into the foetuses recovered on Saturday. Dr Shivaji Sanap, a private maternity home owner, and two of his employees have been arrested for aborting all the three foetuses found in Beed and disposing of them. The police have also arrested two relatives of a married woman for forced abortion in one among the three cases. The remaining two belonged to unmarried women, state officials said. A district court on Sunday sentenced the five arrested to police custody till June 6. The second one was found dumped near a residential pocket in an urban locality in Solapur. The body of the stillborn was detected from Udagir in the afternoon, state health minister Suresh Shetty said. “The delivery was carried out at the government hospital, but the dead body was not properly disposed of. Further investigations are on,” Shetty said.

Following the new cases, the state health department has deployed teams to inspect maternity homes and sonography centres across the state. Instructions to inspect all such centres in Beed have been issued. Senior police, health and revenue department officials have been dispatched to Beed to monitor investigations. To curb such incidents, the state government is also considering some major changes in rules and strategies. The fresh spate of incidents has yet again raised the debate on easy availability of over-the-counter abortion pills. State chief secretary Jayantkumar Banthia, who is also in charge of the public health department, said that the option of limiting the availability of such pills to designated centres to ensure that these medicines are not dispensed without a medical prescription was being considered. Even state health minister Suresh Shetty endorses this option to ensure that the pills are dispensed only under medical supervision. Shetty also disclosed plans to make it mandatory for gynaecologists and general practitioners to notify the state government about referral of pregnant women to sonography centres. Such centres will also be asked to similarly provide information to the state. “While sonography centres came under the scanner, medics who refer such patients often go scot free,” Shetty said. The state is also planning to ask manufacturers and distributors of sonography machines to submit list of radiologists to whom the machines are being sold. Shetty said a meeting of manufacturers and distributors would soon be held.

A new strategy is being devised for Beed and Parli. The feasibility of banning all stand-alone private sonography centers and permitting sonography across government-run centres is being explored. Shetty said plans to maintain an inventory of pregnant patients travelling to Beed from other areas are also being considered. CM Prithviraj Chavan said that a meeting with representatives of the Medical Council of Indian and the Indian Medical Association to discuss options will be held this week.

Case booked against hospital for disclosing sex of foetus


 Hyderabad. May 11,2012, The Hindu

Authorities on Thursday booked a case against a hospital in Kukatpally under provisions of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act for allegedly disclosing the sex of an unborn child.

In a decoy operation carried out by the Ranga Reddy DMHO officials, Kavya Nursing Home was found to be revealing the sex of the foetus, contrary to the provisions of the Act. Officials said a pregnant woman was sent to the hospital on the pretext of seeking Ultrasound Scanning test, as part of the decoy operation. After the scanning was performed, the woman forced the hospital staff to reveal the sex of the foetus.

Though resisting initially, the staff allegedly gave in and told to her that it was a male child. The information was promptly conveyed by the woman to the DMHO team in waiting.

The officials recorded the woman’s statement and raided the nursing home and seized the ultrasound scanning equipment. A case was booked against the Laparoscopic Surgeon and Obstetrician M. Vidya, who was responsible for the hospital’s operations.

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