Teen on a mission to end sex selection

Hina Rohtaki, TNN | Apr 2, 2012

PANCHKULA: At an age when children are glued to computer and TV, this 14-year-old has become a role model for the entire country leading the mission against  sex selection . Crusading against the social evil since she was 10, Ishita Uppal, thebrand ambassador of Haryana for the cause, has been selected for the Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards 2012 at Washington DC. Uppal is a student of Little Flower Convent School in Sector 14, Panchkula.

“The voice of my conscience inspired me to campaign against the evil of female feticide. When I was 10 years old I read about girls being eliminated because of sex selection  and the issue was heart-rending. I posed several questions to my mother to find an answer to this social malady and after learning decided to do something about the issue,” said Ishita. She added, “From then onwards I have been delivering lectures and creating awareness through art and culture and have never looked back.”

Travelled over 7,000km across four states delivering lectures and organizing plantation drives, Uppal has also been declared the ambassador for Haryana to lead the mission against  sex selection .

“I have been strongly campaigning against this burning issue and hope to make a positive change,” added Uppal.

For mother Meena Kumari, she feels great to be blessed with a daughter like Ishita. “When she was born I did not realize I had been blessed with a gem. She was very young when she started reading and inquiring about the issue and today she has made us proud by leading the campaign in Haryana,” said Kumari.

An unequal world

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Saturday, January 14, 2012
By A Staff Reporter

“Is there equality among boys and girls in our society? Why are girls and boys treated differently? What can you as students do to curb the menace of missing girls? – these were some of questions film actor and social activist Rahul Bose bombarded at the packed crowd of more than 500 NSS students of Mumbai University at Chetna College, on the occasion of National Youth day dedicated to celebrate girl child by Forum against Sex selection, a network of 20 NGOs and CBOS working on gender issues in Maharashtra.

Provoking the girl students Bose, asked the girls if they will marry without taking dowry and if they do not get any boy would they consider staying unmarried.

“The need of the hour is students to sit with their parents together and make them understand that they are not burden and they would rather be alone than in a violent and unhappy relationship with a man who was just greedy,” Bose said.

The Forum Against Sex Selection (FASS) was formed in May 2011 in Mumbai to renew the campaign against sex selective abortion which is responsible for the country’s appallingly skewed sex ratio and in particular, Maharashtra state. Jyoti Mhapsekar of Stri Mukti Sanghathana, who has been working more than two decades on gender issues , with her team performed a scene from her new Marathi play ‘Baap re Baap’ and sang protest songs highlighting discrimination against the girl child. She also informed that not many knew the fact that Savitiribai Phule, who was the first female teacher of the first women’s school in India. Noted theatre artiste of ‘Experimental Theatre Foundation’, Manjul Bhardwaj, had a fiery interactive session students on the issue, highlighting the social, economic and political factors of sex selection.

The students resolved to take up the issue of gender discrimination and the join the campaign against sex selection.

National Youth: Day Youngsters unite against sex selection

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Jan 12, 2012


In a bid to spread awareness against the practice of female foeticide in the city, the Forum against Sex Selection ( FASS) has collaborated with over sixty NGOs to organise ‘Tumchya amchya Lekin Sathee’- a Gender Equality initiative, activists said.

National Youth Day on Thursday will see a melange of students, social activists and theatre personalities sharing the platform at Chetana Management College in Bandra to creatively spread awareness about the glaring sex ratio deficit with shortfilms and street plays.

FASS in collaboration with Mumbai University. National Social Service ( NSS) and Chetana College is organising the event on January 12 at 11 am at Chetana College, Bandra East, Mumbai. ” The theme of Tumchya Aamchya Lekin Sathee is Gender Equality and it will focus on sex selection. It is aimed at reaching out to students and youth and mainly to raise awareness on gender issues. There is free entry is for all students and others interested in knowing more about gender issues and wrath of female foeticide,” informed Nita Shirali of Population First, an NGO working on gender issues.

The highlight of the event will be interactive sessions of film actor Rahul Bose and theatre personality Manjul Bharadwaj with students on gender issues, sex selection and sex- selective abortion.

In 2000, the sex ratio was 922 girls per 1000 boys in Mumbai, which has declined by five percent in the last ten years to currently 874 girls per 1000 boys.

NGOs attribute this glaring reduce in number of girl children being born to illegal sex selection practices the concerns regarding which will be addressed at the event on Thursday.

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