Beed sex selection case: Court grants bail to woman doctor


Press Trust of India / Beed September 25, 2012,


A local court today granted bail to Dr Saraswati Munde, who has been charge sheeted along with her husband Dr Sudam Munde and 15 others in a  sex election  case.

District sessions court Judge S T Mahajan granted her bail on a surety of Rs 3 lakh and certain conditions.

The court has warned her not to pressurise any witnesses in the case and refrain from carrying out medical practice until the case is solved. The court has also asked her to remain present at police station every alternate day.

Dr Munde was given bail on the ground that she has spent 105 days in jail and was no longer required in custody.

Public prosecutor Ashok Kulkarni told PTI that they would appeal in the Bombay High Court against the bail.

According to sources, she would, however, continue to remain in jail in connection with the illegal sex determination case of 2010. The doctor couple is currently lodged in Nashik district jail.

The couple is accused of carrying out an abortion on sugarcane worker Vijaymala Patekar, who was in her second trimester, at their hospital in Parli in Beed district on May 18 this year, which resulted in her death.

On May 19, the couple had secured bail from Parli court and went into hiding from May 23. The couple, absconding for over three weeks, had finally surrendered to the local police on June 17.

Others, who have been charge sheeted in the case, include the doctor couple’s son Venkatesh, Jalgaon-based Dr Rahul Kolhe, husband of the deceased woman Mahadev Patekar and members of the hospital staff.

Maharashtra government has appointed Ujwal Nikam as special public prosecutor to represent the case.



Beed Doctor couple surrenders- Illegal abortions

Travelled to seven states and changed 20 sim cards while on run

Published: Sunday, Jun 17, 2012, 21:23 IST | Updated: Monday, Jun 18, 2012, 0:24 IST
Place: Beed | Agency: PTI and TNN

Late on Sunday evening, the doctor couple involved in the illegal abortions taking place in Beed district surrendered to the Parli police, after being on the run for close to a month. Dr Sudam Munde and his wife Saraswati, infamous for running Munde Hospital at Parli taluka in Beed, which performed rampant illegal abortions, allegedly used to send pregnant women to a Jalgaon doctor to determine the gender of the unborn child, before aborting it.

“Dr Sudam Munde and his wife Dr Saraswati booked under section 304 of IPC for culpable homicide surrendered before the Parli city police at around 9 PM,” police inspector Ramrao Gadekar of Parli City police station said.

Earlier in the day, police searched the house of the doctor couple at Parli, sources said.

The couple is accused of carrying out abortion on sugarcane worker Vijaymala Patekar, who was in her second trimester, at their hospital in Parli on May 18, which resulted in her death.

On May 19, the couple had secured bail from Parli court, and went into hiding from May 23, they said.

The bail was subsequently cancelled by the sessions court in Ambejogai on May 26 on petition of the Beed district health department in a 2010 case under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act.

Varsha Deshpande of NGO Lekladki Abhiyan had through a sting operation exposed that sex-determination tests were being conducted at Munde’s hospital in 2010, following which the doctors had been booked under the PCPNDT Act.

The Parli court on June 3 declared the couple “absconding”.

The duo then moved the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court for relief which upheld the local court order on June 15.

Beed: Where no law of the land applies

Surendra Gangan | Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is Beed district in Marathwada an isolated island where no law of the land is applicable?

Why is the administration of a so-called progressive state like Maharashtra helpless when almost every rule and norm has been violated for years? Why are marriages of minor girls, dowry practices and sex selection  not treated as crime here?

Such questions, which would disturb any normal mind, have not had any effect on the government or the political leaders who claim to be the torchbearers of the region, where  sex selection is an everyday affair, and where the butcher doctors of Parali proudly admit that theirs is an ‘abortion hub’ and dare the system to take them on.

Dr Sudam Munde, who according to the police is at large, used to throw female foetuses wrapped in polythene bags at social workers who would protest against him, openly challenging them. The district superintendent of police has requested the home department to shift the cases outside the district as his force was facing tremendous political pressure. The SP at least was candid enough to admit that some things are out of his control, but the collector has been brazenly claiming that there was nothing wrong in the system.

No activist is ready to believe that the culprits would be brought to book, as the doctor who the police say is absconding is readily available to sign his bail application. Even this much action against him has been possible only because a mother was killed along with the foetus six months ago. But even this action by the government is a case of too little too late, as the latest child ration fell to a further 801.

Here, both well-to-do families and the farm hands consider the birth of girl child a curse. The dowry system still prevails in some communities that dominate the district’s population and that has been the root cause for female foeticide. Marrying a girl without dowry — usually ranging from Rs5 lakh to Rs20 lakh — remains a dream. Parents of girls do not even wait for them to reach the age of 18 and marry them off immediately after they attain puberty. Factor in the rampant illiteracy, and the giving birth to a girl child in these villages becomes a nightmare.

The questions remain: Is our administration really interested in curbing these practices? Will the political heavyweights behind such practices be made to pay the price for their sins?

Our family never longed for male child- Really ?

TOI Speaks To Neelabai Patekar, Mother-In-Law Of Vijaymala, Whose Death Exposed Illegal Abortions In Beed

Sumitra Deb Roy | TNN

Vijaymala Patekar (23), whose death while undergoing termination of pregnancy exposed the thriving market of illegal abortions in Beed district, was pregnant for the sixth time. Local health reports showed she had aborted a child two years back but this time she was not as ‘lucky’.
Her daughters Rohini (11), Tejaswini (10), Rutuja (9) and Rama (2) are staring at a bleak future now. With their mother gone and father in jail for pushing their mother to abort the foetus, the girls are all but “orphaned”. Vijaymala’s death took place at Munde hospital in Parli.
When TOI visited the Patekars on Wednesday at their village Bhopa, around 100 km from Beed town, the family looked dazed about the turn of events and refused to acknowledge that she had aborted another child in 2009. Reports said she had attempted two abortions before.
This was confirmed by reports maintained by the local anganwadi.
“She had stopped coming to the anganwadi for her quota of food after her fourth month of pregnancy. This was in April 2009, when she would not even turn up for vaccination. When we asked her about this, she said she had a miscarriage. Most women say that after they get an abortion done, but it would be unfair to blame them,” said anganwadi sevika Ranerasha Vitthal Rao, who has been running the anganwadi
in the area since 1994.
Vijaymala’s mother-in-law Neelabai (67) showed discomfort when asked about the abortion that killed her daughter-in-law. “We know nothing about it. My son and his wife left for the hospital on the morning of May 18 for a ‘check-up’ for backache. We then got a call from my son saying she was no more,” she said.
Neelabai said the family never longed for a male child.
“We are happy with our girls. Of course, we have no avenues to raise these children,” she said.
Vijaymala and husband Mahadev used to migrate to Karnataka for sugarcane cutting for six months every year and got a measly amount of Rs 25,000-30,000. Mahadev’s parents, both above 65, said they did not have resources to fight for their son’s release. The Parli police complained how the Patekars have not lodged any complaint against Dr Sudam Munde.
June 5: Teams of government officials and police, while conducting raid on hospitals, find Dr Madhav Sanap of Bhagwan hospital carrying out sex selection tests
Sanap’s registration cancelled for five years by Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) six months ago as he was illegally running it under the name of his anesthetist, Dr A Dahiphalkar
Both doctors absconding
Three incidents in Beed and one of its talukas, Parli, have highlighted the flourishing industry of illegal abortions and female foeticide DOC COUPLE GETS COURT NOTICE
May 18: Vijaymala Patekar (22) dies of bleeding while undergoing illegal abortion in sixth month of gestation at Munde hospital
Dr Sudam Munde and doctor wife Saraswati claim patient died of excessive bleeding but absconded after details of female infanticide surface
Police investigations reveal 40 bank accounts, 120 acres of land and deposits of over Rs 1 crore
Parli court issues notice directing doctor couple to surrender before July 3 or else property will be sealed 2 BOOKED FOR DUMPING FOETUSES
June 3: Two female foetuses found in dry basin of Bindusara river Administration and cops trace back foetuses to Sanap hospital run by Dr Shivaji Sanap
Police say foetuses belonged to unmarried girl from Pune and married woman from Georai tehsil. Both abortions illegal as they were performed beyond five months
Mangal Masu Dhighe (29) and Manisha Vilas Javle (28), ayahs at Dr Sanap’s hospital, booked for dumping foetuses
Police find another unmarried girl in hospital whose foetus was also aborted at Sanap hospital
Aborted female foetus taken to Kakad-Hira village of Patoda tehsil by the girl’s parents. Police recover foetus and bring it for post-mortem
Dr Sanap remanded to police custody till June 12.
Police arrest father-inlaw Dr Srihari Lahane on June 6 (With inputs from Atul Kulkarni)

The reports coming from Beed indicate a strong nexus between the sex determinationabortion industry and the administration. The Mundes’ hospital seems to have fed on this nexus and prospered. How else does one explain the administration not knowing what seems to have been common knowledge in the entire belt? And how else does one explain the doctors’ burgeoning practice despite being under the scanner? The state and local administration appear to be equal partners in this crime with the doctors.

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